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Do you have the perfect wardrobe?

Do you have the perfect wardrobe? | 09/07/2021

Do you have the perfect wardrobe?


What a week it has been for our most treasured game.  I will not pretend to be a fan of football or be remotely interested in the game but its hard to not get excited and be full of joy, when you see our national team get to the final at Wembley.  So I have no doubt that many of you on Sunday will be glued to the television with family and friends watching our English team and win or lose, I will be so proud of them!


So this week has been a little more relaxed and I have decided to tackle de-cluttering my wardrobe, to achieve my mantra of ‘less being more’.  Now this is an impossible task for me because I am indecisive at knowing what to keep and what needs to go, but like many women I find myself using the same outfits time after time, so de-cluttering and re-evaluating helps me reassess this!  The challenge is how to create that capsule wardrobe which delivers effortless style, without the need to spend hours daily trying to search for that perfect outfit. I find putting outfits together helps keep my head clear of too many decisions early in the morning, especially when I am in a rush – it is great to have an outfit waiting in my wardrobe.  Colour co-ordinating my wardrobe helps me do this, along with keeping my classic staples close to hand, so that everyday t-shirt, those great fitting jeans and that versatile denim jacket can transition across numerous looks, helping you look and feel great.


If you have any tips on how to manage your wardrobe – please share them with me, as any ideas are gratefully received and I would also love to share them with others!

> Hope you all enjoy your weekend and come on England!!!