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How to find that perfect summer outfit.

How to find that perfect summer outfit. | 23/07/2021

Well what a week! the weather as been amazing and so hot that I was nudged into my uncomfort zone and made the dreaded decision to get my arms and legs out. So out came the fake tan especially if your like me whiter than a milk bottle And let's not forget that we need to do skin buffing, waxing and all the things we can get away with and not consider in winter. So as I was ready to finally peel away the layers and dive head first into my summer wardrobe, I realised that I had to navigate my way through layers of sun-tops, shorts and dresses of every description, but where to start?  So the question is how do we find that perfect summer outfit? First consider what your plans are for that day? Maybe going to work, spending the day with the kids or a shopping trip with the girls so what's the solution? A solid sense of who you are, how you feel that particular day and where your day is going to lead you. For instance on Tuesday I was attending my first trade show in over 18 months I was so excited but started to panic what to wear- Debbie breath! I needed to break down my look and work out what was important to me? what did I need to consider, I wanted to look stylish but then also needed to be comfy and cool, as I would be on my feet most of the day, I opted for a pretty brown polka dot floaty dress with the iconic summer essential the 'nude wedge sandal' both flattering and also practical. All ready to go and what a great show it was, we ordered lots of exciting new Jewellery and Accessories for both our shops and website.

So I finish this week with this thought. Grow your style a little every day, love who you are and wear your clothes with confidence, we are all amazing.