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Lifestyle Changes for 2022

Lifestyle Changes for 2022 | 14/01/2022




Happy New Year and welcome to 2022 a new year with lots of possibilities, opportunities and achievability, that’s my mantra this coming year. 


January is the perfect month to make changes, a new year a new start, but where to start? so after some serious thought and the last of the mince pies!!  it came down to, 

1) Do i declutter my home or 2) Change my lifestyle. 


Like everyone else Christmas was full off worry (have I got all the rights gifts!)  pressure (what if the turkey is not cooked!) and over indulgence (go on then I will have that extra glass of wine!!).

So my bulging waistline meant I definitely had to go with number two the lifestyle change, I called it this because I refuse to call it a diet It’s not about denial, starvation or counting calories, it’s about making real changes that we can all stick to and makes us feel healthier and fitter and dame good about ourselves.

So where to start? mine is with small changes everyday and my first change is making my own soups its not life changing but its my start to a healthier me. Some of my favourites I have tried so far are Pumpkin and Carrot, Sweet Potato and my husband makes an amazing Mushroom soup (if you can get someone else to make it all the better lol). Check out for great ideas.


So that’s my first 2022 lifestyle change, what is yours? I will keep you posted on my next.