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Staycation Vacation (What to pack?)

Staycation Vacation (What to pack?) | 14/08/2021

Staycation Vacation (What to pack?)


So like most of the UK population this year we decided on a staycation holiday and Scotland was our destination of choice, because I am not one for relaxing and doing nothing we decided to do the NC500 (North Coast 500) 516 miles of scenic route starting and ending in Inverness.

I must admit I never expected to experience the breathtaking views of the Scottish mountains, stunning coastline and the beautiful white beaches and crystal blue sea. What an adventure staying in unique lodgings from glamping pods and yurts to country homes and luxurious castles. A holiday of hiking, mountain climbing and walks on the beach ( one beach was so remote we had to walk 4 miles to get there but it was well worth it) even the weather was amazing.

So what to pack for Scotland? the weather can be very unpredictable, rain, wind, and sunshine, so layering is a must and its a good idea to make sure a few items can mix and match with the rest. Knowing how to pack for cold weather can be quite daunting, I am use to packing summer dresses and bikinis and packing light is almost impossible but when your spending every night at a different location packing light is a must. I have always been a big fan of layering (T-shirts under dresses, long tops under short tops) so layering was a must, base layers are essential along with a few warmer pieces, sweaters, hoodies, even a hat and scarf you never know and not forgetting the waterproofs (not very glamorous but definitely essential) I opted for walking leggings easy to pack and very comfortable, I did invest in a good pair of hiking boots and my best buy for the trip. If you do find yourself short of anything its a good excuse to buy a few items on route from some of the beautiful village shops and they will also make a great souvenir.

Whatever or wherever you decide to go this year enjoy yourself we all deserve that time to unwind and recharge.

Happy Holidays